Saturday, 6 August 2016

Rene Schillinger - Early Reading: How it Benefits Your Child

Childhood literacy is an important aspect of raising intelligent and successful individuals. Rene Schillinger is an educational consultant in Poughkeepsie, New York who has been helping schools improve the literacy rates of their students for many years. To help your children gain the necessary literacy skills needed to live a successful and productive lives, it is important to start reading to them at a young age. Here are some of the many benefits of reading to your child.
  • One of the primary benefits of reading to your children is a higher aptitude for learning. Students who are exposed to reading before preschool, have a higher rate of success in all facets of their education.
  • As children become toddlers and enter into preschool, they are learning critical enunciation and language skills. Reading to your children helps to reinforce the basic sounds that form language.
  • You are building better communications skills when you read to your children. With early exposure to reading, they are more likely to express themselves in a healthy way and are better able to relate to people.
  • You build their ability to concentrate, allowing them to be more disciplined. It also helps them improve their attention-span and improves their memory retention.
Reading to your children at a young age has numerous benefits that will help them as they enter into school. Reading to your children is one of the most important things a parent can do to help them prepare a foundation for academic success. Rene Schillinger has an impressive background as an educational consultant, helping schools in and around Poughkeepsie, New York improve their schools and promote literacy among the students.