Monday, 24 October 2016

Rene Schillinger- How to Get Parents Involved in School Reform

Rene Schillinger has been an educational consultant in New York for many years. During his career, he has been involved with helping schools and school districts with improving their literacy rates and school reform. When it comes to school reform, parent involvement is an important part of the process. Successful parent involvement can help improve the behavior and attendance of students, as well as positively affecting student achievement. Many schools struggle with parental involvement and feel that their efforts to get parents involved are unsuccessful. Here are some ways to get more parents involved in their children’s education.

Improve Communication

Having an effective system of communication requires information to flow two ways. Not only do schools need to have an efficient method for getting information out to families, they also need to have a way to ensure feedback from parents is actively sought. Keep in mind that each strategy needs to be tailored to the population of the school.

Teach Both Parents and Teachers

Often times, parents remain uninvolved at their children’s schools because parents don’t know what they can do to be more involved. Taking an active role in helping parents learn a variety of ways to be involved can help increase their involvement. However, this can’t happen if the teachers feel they are unprepared to effectively involve parents.


Each school is different; therefore, each strategy must be tailored to the specific needs of each school. Successful parent involvement programs are typically developed in response to a specific need in the school or surrounding community. They must be focused and flexible when addressing those needs.

The most important partner in a child’s education is his or her parents. Rene Schillinger has been helping schools and school districts improve literacy rates for more than ten years.